Welcome to Tartu's oldest bicycle shop!


Our webshop address: www.recycle.ee

From our bicycle shop called "Jalgratas" (bicycle in estonian) you will find the bicycle for your needs. Our helpful and competent staff  will help you back in the saddle right away!


We offer a variety of new and used bikes in Tartu. In addition you can find lots of spare parts and accessories from our shop. Also we take care of your bicycle by changing a flat tire or even a bottom bracket and everything in between. 


If you are visiting Tartu for a shorter period, you can rent some comfortable bicycles to see more of our beautiful city!


Give us a visit!



Mon - Fri: 10 - 15:00*  /  Sat: closed* /  Sun: closed

 * Until 26.02.2023 we are temporarily until 15:00 and closed on saturdays!

* If you have urgent problems, then call 51 61 224


Phone: (+372) 7 421 731

E-mail: kauplus.jalgratas@gmail.com