Bicycle maintenance in Tartu!


Basic maintenance:  25-40€ + spare parts (if required)

(adjustments, tightening, lubricating , changing the spare parts)


Full maintentance:  60-70€ + spare parts (if required)

(in addition to basic maintenance we also clean and grease all the bearings)


Washing + lubricating:  15-20€

First maintentance:  20€

(for new bicycles bought from our shop)


Changing a front fork/suspension:  20-25€

Changing a head set:  15-25€

Changing a bottom bracket:  15-20€

Hydraulic disc brake maintenance: 15-20€ 

Adjusting and greasing the cones: 10-20€

Wheel building:  25-30€ (BMX up to 35€)

Changing a rim: 25-30€ (BMX up to 35€)

Changing a hub: 30-35€ (BMX up to 35€)

Wheel truing: 10-20€


Changing a tire:  6-12€

Changing a tire (i.e electric scooter): 15-25€

Changing a single spare part: depending on the time expenditure / complexity of the work

Installing accessories:  depending on the time expenditure / complexity of the work

Welding work: price on asking

Full restoration of a bicycle: price on asking

NB! If the amount of work increases significantly during service work due to the fact that customer's bicycle is faulty, the price of the service may be increased not more than 18€.